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Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.

So my beloved Ladies and yes maybe also boys. On the 18th of Ocotobre Chris and me are going to take a plane. A plane taht will bring us home. Back Home to the people who are the most important one's , we know now.

But there's also time lef now, who wants to befullfilled with activities and school. College, you know? I will get an certificate for my work at the college because my teachers have the opionion I'm a Genious brain :D But to calm down your reactions: No, I'm not that kind of type. Sorry Mum! Today is gonna be a day that will be fullfilled with watching tv. My Lung?(Call it like that i think.) is feeling not that ill like two weeks but doing sports is incredible. So I lying around. Doing some works for my final exams in germany next april. I'll hope I'll manage that. but I think it won't be a problem cause my subject are going to be: english, maths, physics and history. At first I thought sports could be also a subject, but that's an idea of the past, cause of my health.

so. I think, I'm going to check out hat's going on the world today .

Anna Darling? I love you! 

Wiebke: Looking for a party for the following weeks, right? I wanna see us all on our best behaviour! 

4.10.08 15:34

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